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"Sofas and Chairs, Through Doors And Up Stairs" by The Washington Post

"Dave Stiverson takes furniture apart and puts it back together again. Manufacturers call him when narrow doors, stairs that make turns at impossible angles or hard-to-navigate hallways make items tough to deliver.

Stiverson operates an upholstery-repair business, but his main business is helping furniture manufacturers deliver products to customers when access is an issue. Stiverson will remove the back from a new sofa to allow it to swing around those tight corners -- and then put it back on so the sofa is as good as new."

"Making Sure Furniture Fits" by The Washington Times

"Mr. Stiverson is known for dismantling pieces of furniture, moving them through areas where they wouldn’t otherwise fit, and putting them back together again good as new.


The process can be complicated because most furniture is not designed to be taken apart. It is important to correctly assess the situation and decide just how much must be done before setting to work, Mr. Stiverson said....Only once has Mr. Stiverson encountered a situation where he could not get the couch into the desired room. When he realized that it wasn’t going to fit, he had already completely disassembled it. He ended up simply putting the couch back together and leaving it where he found it."

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